Michele is committed to tackling the issues that affect us the most.

Affordable and Accessible Healthcare
In the legislature, Michele has been an advocate for providing quality healthcare to all Georgians.  She voted for the first bill that mandated insurance companies to cover mammograms, and has continued to vote in favor of coverage for Georgia’s women, children, and working families. Michele is committed to instituting all provisions of the Affordable Care Act, and making sure that Republican leaders don’t hold their dislike for our President over the needs of our families.

First Rate Education
Quality public school education should not depend on where you live. Michele wants to make sure that our tax dollars are focused on making each of our schools a “School of Excellence”; that way every student in DeKalb has a level playing field where they can work hard and compete for quality jobs in our changing economy.

Strengthening DeKalb
DeKalb County is at a critical point in our history. We must come together to create solutions to the problems we face and restore the trust in DeKalb County government.

Quality Jobs
Michele is dedicated to working in her community to forge public-private partnerships between industries and local colleges in order to train people for good jobs that pay well.


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